With Thrive Themes, you are able to import and export content that you have created and customized on your site so that you can, later on, upload it to other sites that are using Thrive Themes.

We have a dedicated article that shows you how to use the "Design Packs" section from the Thrive Dashboard, and you can read it here.

This article will explain where the content goes and where you can find it once you've exported a Thrive Themes Design Kit and imported it (on another website, for example).

Thrive Theme Builder Themes

After importing a Thrive Theme Builder theme, it will become available for you to access and activate straight from the "Themes" section of your Thrive Theme Builder dashboard:


If Thrive Theme Builder is not active on the website you're importing the Design Pack that contains a Thrive Theme Builder theme, a warning message will be displayed:

You will be presented with two options:

  • "Cancel Import" - this will simply cancel the entire import;

  • "Continue Import" - this will import the rest of the content from that Design Pack, except for the theme(s).

Landing Pages

The imported Landing Pages will be available when creating a new Landing Page:

In the Landing Page Templates pop-up, go to the "Saved Landing Page" section:

This is where you will find the Landing Pages that come from an imported Design Pack:

Regular Content

Regular content (pages and posts) will be available for you to use in two places:

The 'Global Elements' section

Firstly, you can access your "Global Elements" card found in the Thrive Dashboard:

The imported pages and posts will be found under the "Content Templates" section:

This is similar to creating a new page or post in Thrive Architect and saving its content as a template. The saved template can later on be found in the "Content Templates" tab of the "Global Elements" section in the Thrive Dashboard.

The 'Templates & Symbols' element

Moreover, just like in the case of Landing Pages, the imported pages and posts can be inserted directly within the Thrive Architect editor, via the "Templates & Symbols" element:

As you add the element to a page/post, a pop-up opens, and here is where you'll find the imported content:

In conclusion, once you export & import a Landing Page/regular page/post, the content will be available as a saved template, and you will have access to applying it whenever you create a new Landing Page/page/post.


The name of the imported themes/Landing Pages/posts/pages content will inherit the name of the theme/Landing Page/page/post from where it was exported.

This is the location for each type of content that can be exported, once you import it to another site using a Design Pack.

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