If you want to import and export content from a website using Thrive Suite, make sure you read this article.

Depending on the content you're trying to export or import, you can do this from several places:

However, it can all be done from a single place in your Thrive Dashboard. You can bundle everything up and download an archive with the content, which will be called called "Design Packs".

We have created a dedicated article showing you how to use the entire "Design Packs" section of Thrive Dashboard, so please check it out if you need more information on this feature:

In this article, we'll focus on the process of exporting content (a Thrive Theme Builder theme, a Landing Page and page or post content) from one website and importing it to another website.

Export the content from website #1

Firstly, you will have to access your Thrive Dashboard:

Scroll down to get to the "Thrive Features" section and look for the "Design Packs" card. Click on "Manage Design Packs":

You will be taken to the Design Packs dashboard, from where you'll be able to either export or import content:

Clicking on each type of content will open a pop-up with the available content of that type:

Select the content that you want to export to the other website and click on "Export Content":

A pack will be generated and downloaded as an archive to your computer:

And, once the download is complete, you can go ahead and import the ZIP file to other websites running on Thrive Themes.

Import the content to website #2

Access your other website and go to the "Design Packs" section of your Thrive Dashboard. This time, go to the "Import" tab:

Click on "Select file" to open the media library and select the previously downloaded ZIP file:

After the pack will finish installing, you will see a success message:

And you can start using the content on the second website.

If you're not sure where the content has been imported, make sure you read this article:

And this is how you can easily export content from one of your sites and import it to another one.

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