In the Design Packs card, you will be able to find a centralized dashboard for your Thrive Suite designs. At the moment you can import or export Thrive Theme Builder themes, individual landing pages or content from individual posts or pages.

In order to access the Design Packs, you first have to head over to your Thrive Dashboard:

Here, look for the Design Packs card:

Once you are in this dashboard, you will notice that you are able to either export or import content:

Export Thrive Theme Builder Themes

Let's see the process of exporting a Thrive Theme Builder theme:

After clicking on the "Thrive Theme Builder Themes" field, you'll get to pick what theme you want to export:

Tick the box next to the one you want (or select all of them if you want) and then save your selection:

Next, click on "Export content":

The export will start and you get to see the progress and estimated completion time:

Look for the archive in your "Downloads" folder, as the download should start automatically. However, you can also click on the "Download your generated pack" option if you want to download it again:

Note: If, for example, you do not have Thrive Theme Builder active on your website, then the "Thrive Theme Builder Themes" card should be locked:

Export Landing Pages

For the "Landing Pages", the process is the same. Click on it from this list:

Select the pages and proceed with the same process as in the case of exporting a Thrive Theme Builder theme:

Note: The exported landing pages will contain headers, footers, top and bottom sections (if any).

Export Pages

If you plan on exporting a page, you will be prompted with the same list of content available for your to select:

Proceed with the same steps as in the case of exporting a Thrive Theme Builder theme or a Landing Page.

Export Posts

If you want to export a post, you get to choose between selecting all posts, or making a custom selection:

Here's what you can choose from when you decide to go for the custom selection:

As you can see, you are able to:

  • search for a particular post:

  • search for posts that are included in certain categories:

  • search posts by tags:


Global elements that are used in templates will be exported. This applies to headers, footers, top and bottom sections as well as templates and symbols.

However, exporting or importing your themes and pages/posts will not make your quizzes, forms show up.

Importing a Thrive Kit

Select the "Import" tab of the main dashboard:

The media library will open. Here, add your archive:

Lastly, click on "Import Design Pack":

Once everything was successfully imported, you'll get a success message. Click on "Done" to exit this view:


If you are trying to import a Thrive Kit that contains themes, then you have to have Thrive Theme Builder active on your website.

Where Can I Find My Imported Content?

  • Thrive Theme Builder themes will be available in the "My themes" section of Thrive Theme Builder. Once your import is successful, you can access Thrive Theme Builder directly from the "Import" tab of your dashboard:

You will be taken directly to the "Themes" section of Thrive Theme Builder, and you will be able to find the imported theme there:

  • Landing Pages will be available under "My Templates" -> "Saved Landing Pages" section when creating a new page:

Access the "Saved Landing Pages" section and the imported landing page should be listed there, under the "Imported Template" section:

The process is similar to the process of creating a new page. If you are planning to use a "Pre-Build Landing Page" then you will select it from the library:

And from here on you will be able to find the imported landing page under the "Saved Landing Pages" section, as described above.

  • Pages and posts will be available under the "Templates" section, when you are using the "Templates & Symbols" element on a regular post/page:

After you add the element, you'll be able to find the imported content under the "Templates" section:

So here as well the steps are similar to the ones required when you are creating a new page or post and decide to save the content as a template. That content will be available in the "Templates" section from the "Templates & Symbols" element.

This article from our knowledge base explains how and where to find your imported content:

This is how you can use the "Design Packs" to export and import content on your Thrive Themes powered website.

I hope you found this article useful. Don't hesitate to check out our knowledge base for more tutorials of this type :)

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