With Thrive Architect, you have the option of selling your courses or offering them for free. But what if you want to offer the first lesson of a paid course for free?

That can be easily done in Thrive Architect. There are just some small steps that need to be configured:

First, make sure you set the right access restrictions for your course, especially if it's a paid one:

Here are some resources from our knowledge base that you might find useful if you want to learn more about how to do that:

Then, head over to your lesson overview, and find the one you want to offer for free. In this case, I will be focusing on the first lesson of my course.

Hover over the "Edit" options and click on "Edit details":

In the new pop-up that opens, look for this section:

Open the drop-down list and select one of the two available options for offering this lesson for free:

Once done, don't forget to save your changes.

And that's how easily you can offer for free a lesson from a paid course. Don't hesitate to rate this article with a smile if you found it useful!

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