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Thrive Automator Apps vs Other Thrive Integrations
Thrive Automator Apps vs Other Thrive Integrations

Learn what apps and integrations are, and how you can use them on your site.

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In this article, I want to explain the difference between what we call Thrive Automator Apps and other Thrive integrations.

As you might know, Thrive Automator has been designed to be developer-friendly and help cultivate a growing ecosystem of 3rd party integrations.

If you are a developer and create WordPress plugins or other online tools and apps, we encourage you to check out our developer documentation, and we strongly encourage you to integrate with our API.

You can find documentation on how to create triggers, actions, filters etc. in our developer documentation, here.

And since we strongly encourage developers to join in and create apps, we've created this page, with all the Thrive Automator apps created by the developers, to gather them all in one place.

On this page, you are also able to submit your own app:

So this is what we refer to as apps. Whereas, when talking about integrations, their purpose is to let you connect to your favorite tools for email marketing, email delivery, spam prevention and more, when building your site with Thrive Themes products.

These are the ones that we have already created an integration with, and all you have to do is access your Thrive Dashboard and, in a few easy steps, you can quickly connect to any of them.

Below you'll find a complete list that you can access to see our available API integrations:

You can connect these through the Thrive Dashboard:

You can find tutorials for each supported integration in the list mentioned above,

Also, if you access the "Apps" section of Thrive Automator, you will find the same section, so that you can quickly create more integrations while working in Thrive Automator.

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