With Thrive Apprentice, you can set up course bundles, if you want to sell more courses together, at one price.

Course bundles are usually helpful if you want to offer your visitors the possibility to buy multiple courses for a discounted price. For example, if you have 3 courses that are sold for 25$ each, you can create a course bundle and sell all three courses for 60$.

This article will show you how you can create course bundles in Thrive Apprentice, and how to later edit them, if necessary.

Create a Course Bundle

To begin with, you will have to access Thrive Apprentice, by hovering over "Thrive Dashboard", in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin dashboard:

This will take you to the Thrive Apprentice dashboard, to the "Courses" page.

Here, in the left sidebar, you will notice the "Course Bundles" section. Click on it:

To add a new bundle, click on the "Add new bundle" option from the center of the screen:

A pop-up will open, from where you can start setting up the new bundle:

Choose a name for the bundle

In the first field from the pop-up, enter the name that you want the bundle to have:

Choose the courses that should be in the bundle

Next, you will see the list that contains all of the courses from your site. You can select the check box in front of the ones that should be included in the bundle:

Lastly, click on "Save":

You will be taken back to the "Course bundles" section, where you will be able to see each of your bundles. You can also click on each one, if you want to access more settings, or see more information about them:

Edit a Course Bundle

If you ever want to go back to a certain bundle and change its name, or the courses that should be included in it, you can easily do that.

In the list of course bundles, look for the one that you want to edit, and click on it:

A section will open, where you are able to see which courses are in the respective bundle, and you will also have the "Delete" and "Edit bundle" options. Naturally, if you want to make any modifications to it, click on "Edit bundle":

The same pop-up will open, from where you can modify the name, or check/un-check the courses that you want to add/remove from the bundle. Click on "Save" after you edit the bundle.

Note: Please keep in mind that, if the bundle is in use, meaning that some customers have already purchased it, the modifications will affect those customers, as well.

Remove a Course Bundle

If you want to delete one or more bundles, you can do that. In the list of course bundles, look for the one that you want to remove, and click on it:

In the lower-left side of the section that opens, you will notice the "Delete bundle" option:

If you click on it, a pop-up will open and ask you to confirm the action. If you want to continue, click on "Yes, delete":

The bundle will immediately be removed.

Important: Please note that you are unable to remove a course bundle that is in use:

However, if you still want to remove a course bundle, but the option is not available, as some of your customers have purchased and are using the course, what you can do is remove the access to the bundle for each of the customers.

You can do that as advised here (in the "restrict the customer’s access" section), for each of the customers that have purchased this bundle. Then, once the bundle will no longer be in use, the "Delete bundle" option will become available.

These were the ways in which you can add, edit and remove course bundles from your Thrive Apprentice dashboard.

Please make sure to check out the other articles and video tutorials we have created in this knowledge base section if you need more information about Thrive Apprentice.

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