Thrive Comments allows you to add voting options to your comments. In this way, a comment can be ranked, based on the votes of the other users.

The feature is found inside the "Voting and Badges" option from the Thrive Comments dashboard:

By clicking on the toggle, the "Voting and Badges" feature will show up, being displayed as a new section on the dashboard.

​As mentioned, this article will explain the "Voting" feature. ​Should you want to read more about the "Badges" feature, make sure to check out this article.

We'll start from the top: You will have 3 voting options:

Up and down: Users will have the opportunity to "upvote" or "downvote" other comments:

Up only: Users can only "upvote" other comments:

No voting: Users will be restricted from voting any comments.

Moving forward, you can require the users to be registered and logged in on your website, in order to vote:

Now, visitors that haven't signed up as users on your website will not be able to upvote/downvote other comments.

Mark upvoted comments as No Reply Needed: If one of the comment moderators from your website "upvotes" a comment, it will be automatically marked as "No Reply Needed" in the Comments Moderation dashboard:

If you are not familiar with the Comments Moderation dashboard, don't forget to check out the full tutorial on the subject: How to Use the Comments Moderation Feature in Thrive Comments.

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