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Quiz Navigation in Thrive Quiz Builder
Quiz Navigation in Thrive Quiz Builder

Find out how to build your quiz navigation structure in this short step-by-step guide.

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The options available in Thrive Quiz Builder allow you to build a complex quiz structure, with multiple answer questions, branching paths and many more.

In this article we'll have a look at how you can make sure the quiz takers can go back to a previous question when taking your quiz.

Here are some articles that might help you get started with building your first quiz, if you need details on how to do that:

Display the Navigation Buttons

After selecting the quiz type, you'll get to this "Quiz Settings" dashboard:

Here, enable the toggle that allows the users to go back and revisit previous questions:

You'll immediately see these two buttons, that allow users to advance to the next question, or go back:

Proceed with setting up the remaining details of your quiz. Lastly, make sure you display it on your website.


The "Display navigation buttons" can be enabled for older quizzes, even if they have already been published.

Save Progress for Each User

If you want to make sure the progress of the quiz is saved for each user, you'll have to first access the quiz main options, from the page or post where it's displayed:

Enable the "Save users quiz progress" toggle:

This means that the progress made by any logged in user will be saved, even if the user closes the quiz page. Furthermore, the users will be also able to change their already provided answers if they want.

I hope this quiz guide will be useful to you. Make sure to check out our dedicated Thrive Quiz Builder knowledge base section, if you want to learn more about using quizzes on your website.

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