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Use the Conditional Display Feature to Display a Special Price for Your Existing Customers
Use the Conditional Display Feature to Display a Special Price for Your Existing Customers
A quick tutorial on how the conditional display feature can be used to display a different price for your customers.
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The Conditional Display feature of Thrive Architect can be used to create a discount on a new (or current) product for existing customers.

For example, you might be selling various courses, but also a subscription. If someone wants to get your subscription and they have already purchased one (or more) Thrive Apprentice product(s), it is possible for them to see a special price for the subscription.

To achieve this, all you have to do is add a new display variation for the pricing table and create a custom display rule for it.

For that, open the page where the pricing table is. If you haven't added one yet, you can follow this article to see how this element can be added and edited.

In the Thrive Architect editor, select the pricing table by clicking on it (either directly on it, on the editor, or by clicking on any other element inside it, and then use the breadcrumbs):

Customize the element and prices as you wish. When you're done, click on the container "Background Section" from the breadcrumbs:

In the left sidebar, go to the "Conditional Display" section:

The design we currently have is our default design. This can be duplicated using this button:

You can rename the duplicated design:

And then, you can either modify the design first, or create the display rule. I will go ahead and change the prices of the table, while making sure that the "Existing customers" display is selected:

Once you do that, you can notice that the price changes when switching the display:

All there's left to do is create a display rule for the "Existing Customers" display variation. This will be the rule that establishes who will see the discounted prices.

To create a display rule, use this option:

Next, a pop-up will open, from where you are able to set up the rule:

Here's an example of how this can be set up:

"Display content when user has access to Apprentice product(s)." - this will display the discounted prices to the users that have purchased my Apprentice course.

Of course, you can build the conditions as you wish, based on the criteria you want.

All there's left to do is save the display condition rule and the page and you're all set!

Here are some more articles with use cases for the conditional display feature:

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