Let's find out how you can display a discount code only to those users who have access to one of your Thrive Apprentice products.

We will be using the "Conditional Display" feature for this, and I'll link below an article that might come in handy if you want to learn more about this feature:

Open the page or post on which you want to work. I will be using a pre-built landing page, that I've customized to match my offer:

All the above elements are placed within a larger content block, that supports conditional formatting (in this case, a "Block" element):

With this block selected, open the left sidebar list of options and expand the "Conditional Display" section:

The default display is the one that's currently visible. Duplicate it:

Give it a name:

Proceed with customizing your second display as you best see fit. First, make sure you are editing the correct variation, by clicking on it so that it's highlighted:

Change the design slightly and don't forget to add the discount code:

The next step in the process is setting up the display conditions for the new variation:

In the pop-up that opens add a new condition set:

Set up the condition as it follows, and make sure that in the last field you look up the course/courses you want:

Lastly save your work and return to the editor.

As this is currently set up, only the members who have access to the Thrive Apprentice product you've selected here will be able to see the second display:

The rest of the visitors, who do not meet the conditions, will see the default display:

This is how you can use the "Conditional Display" feature to show a discount code only to those users who have access to one of your Thrive Apprentice courses.

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