In Thrive Apprentice, you can enable an option called "Protect Course Overview Page", so that all the access and restriction rules that you set on product/default level, will also apply to the course overview page.

This article will show you how to protect the course overview page by redirecting users that don't have access to the course to another page (instead of the course overview one).

Here's how to set everything up:

1. Set up the right access and restriction rules for each one of the products

After you've created the course, you will have to add it to one of your Thrive Apprentice products, so that you can protect it using access requirements, as well as set up the access restriction rules.

We have created plenty of articles and videos on how to do that, here are some of them:

Creating & Customizing Products

Restricting Access

Access the "Products" section of Thrive Apprentice. Choose the product that protects your course and go to the "Access restriction rules" tab:

From this tab, you can set up the sales page URL as the URL (that people will see when they try to access the course without having purchased it).

You can also set the sales page when someone is not logged in, so that the visitors who are not logged in on your site will also be directed to the sales page:

2. Toggle the "Protect course overview page" option

By default, this toggle will be disabled:

The default behaviour for the access and restriction rules is for them to be applied to the Course Overview page.

This means that whenever someone sees all the courses in the course grid, they would first have to click on the "Learn more" button and see the course overview page.

Then, if they click on "Start course", they would be sent to a sales page or URL that you have chosen.

However, you can easily "skip" this course overview page.

For this, access the course you're trying to redirect (not the product that protects the course) and go to the "Access Restrictions" tab:

Here you'll see all the products that protect this course. You will also see the "Protect course overview page" option:

When you enable this toggle, all the access and restriction rules that you set on product or default level, will now also apply to the course overview page.

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