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Thrive Legacy Themes Retirement and FAQs
Thrive Legacy Themes Retirement and FAQs

Learn how our decision to retire our legacy themes will impact your site.

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As of June 1st 2022, our legacy themes have been deprecated.

Here's a list of all the legacy themes:

  • FocusBlog

  • Luxe

  • Ignition

  • Minus

  • Squared

  • Voice

  • Performag

  • Pressive

  • Storied

  • Rise

What does this mean?

Retiring these themes does not remove them from your website nor will any functionalities be disabled.

We have simply decided we will no longer invest development time into supporting them, and it also means that, for new customers, we will no longer include them in Thrive Suite.

My site has a legacy theme installed - what do I do?

Ever since coming up with Thrive Theme Builder, our recommendation has always been to switch to it (you can follow this online course).

However, you can continue to keep your legacy themes installed as your website will still function. Traffic can keep coming, and your website will keep converting.

However, here is what will change:

  • Legacy themes will no longer be visible in Thrive Product Manager

  • We will not publish WordPress compatibility updates

  • If there are security issues raised in the future, we will no longer patch them

  • If you have issues that relate to these themes, we can no longer offer support

You can read more about these changes in this blog post.

How do I switch to Thrive Theme Builder?

Ever since we launched our theme builder, we have created plenty of useful guides to help you switch to Thrive Theme Builder. You can find some of them here:

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