If you are wondering if you can import or export content between two different websites, then the answer is yes. You can use the available options from the "Settings" area of your Thrive Architect editor:

This functionality is also available when you want to import or export a Thrive Landing Page, as described in this article:

Let's start first by exporting content, and then later on come back to the import option.

Export Content

So, in your Thrive Architect editor, customize the content using the right sidebar list of options.

Then, access the "Settings" of the same right sidebar list:

You will see here two options for exporting and importing your content:

Click on the "Export Content" option of the right sidebar:

This will trigger this pop up where you can name and download it:

The content will be saved as a zip file, in your downloads folder from your computer.

Once you've done this, you will be able to use it whenever you want. You just have to import the zip file, using the same set of options.

Import Content

When planning on using the import option, access the same right sidebar list of options and click on "Import Content":

This will open the media library, where you can add your zip file (I will be using the exported zip file from the previous example). Simply add it to your media library and then click on "Import":

The new content will be added under the already existing content of the page or post on which you've imported it.

These are the steps for using the import and export options on a page or post built with Thrive Architect.

Should you need more info on how various Thrive Architect elements and features work, please follow this link.

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