In the "Logs" section of Thrive Automator, you will sometimes be able to see the errors that have occurred, in case one of the automations has not successfully started or completed its flow.

You can read more about the entire "Logs" section and what information is provided there in this article.

This one will focus on which errors you might get while working in Thrive Automator, that represent the reason why your automation has malfunctioned or has not finished its course, alongside a brief description of each error:

Besides the errors, the "Logs" section also contains success messages, to let you know that the automation has run successfully:

Here is a list of examples of the possible errors that you might get:

Error Name

No data provided to filter

Object not created

No valid value

Trigger did not pass execution limitations

Webhook failed to execute

No params provided on create

No data provided to action

Data object is not provided by trigger

Data object required by *action* is not provided by trigger

No parameter provided for *object*

Data object was not created. Required data for *object* was not provided.

Depending on the action that you want the automation to perform, these errors might appear. In some cases, the trigger doesn't provide enough data for the action to continue.

For example, let's say you have set up "User completes quiz" as a start trigger and "Add user to autoresponder" as the next action. When completing the quiz, users are able to skip the opt-in step, so they might not fill in their information.

When the automation reaches the "Add user to autoresponder" action, you will get this error:

This lets you know that the user has not provided the "User Data" information required in order to add them to the autoresponder (so they have probably skipped the opt-in step).

Another possible reason this error occurs might be the fact that the trigger chosen by you is an action that has to be taken by a user, and whoever is going through the process set up by you is not a user/not logged into your site.

Another example would be if you get the 'no data provided to action' error message, which means that the automation cannot run because the action did not get all the required data.

For the automation to successfully run, you need to make sure that you create them in a way that will avoid these types of situations.

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