Thrive Automator is our new plugin with the help of which you are able to create various automations and flows to connect actions and set up workflows on your site.

The plugin has been carefully built by our developers to help the majority of our users automate some actions from their websites. However, the number of triggers, actions and filters that can be used when creating the automations is limited.

We have decided to create a way in which developers can extend the limitations of the plugin, and that can be done by installing a plugin that can be found in GitHub and using some Thrive Automator integration examples our developers have included there.

You can find the plugin and download it from here, and then install it as a regular WordPress plugin.

Once you do so, when you access Thrive Automator, you will notice that some custom examples:

  • WooCommerce Product Stock Updates - Start Trigger

  • Webhook Request - Action

  • Start Thrive Ultimatum Campaign - Action

However, you can create custom triggers, actions and filters. We have put together a wiki with some docs that will provide you, as a developer, with the necessary information. Find the docs here:

Please check out the entire Wiki section of GitHub, as we've included general information, requirements, and methods of using the listed functions to create the automation items.

For more information about Thrive Automator, feel free to also check out this section of our knowledge base.

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