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How to Make Cloudflare Work with Thrive Themes Products
How to Make Cloudflare Work with Thrive Themes Products

Find out how to set up page rules in case CloudFlare is not properly working for your site

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Sometimes using Cloudflare alongside Thrive Suite products may cause some unexpected issues.

For example, you might find it troublesome to save your work in Thrive Architect.

There is something you can do in order to avoid this, and that is to create a page rule in your Cloudflare dashboard, and this way you ensure that everything works fine.

Here is how to do that:

1.Access the "Page Rules" section of your Cloudflare dashboard

In Cloudflare, go to your dashboard and you will notice a top section with multiple options. Click on the "Rules" one:

Then, access the "Page Rules" tab:

2. Create two new rules

As a second step, you will have to create two rules, by clicking on this option:

  • Rule #1

The first rule will help with Thrive Architect pages and posts. In the field that appears when clicking on "Create Page Rule", enter your website URL followed by the *tve=true* key:

The URL you add in the field should have the following structure:*tve=true*

  • Rule #2

The second rule helps with Thrive Theme Builder templates. Similar to the first one, enter your website URL followed by the wp-json/ttb/* key:

The URL you add in the field should have the following structure:*

3. Add the rules

After adding the URL, click on the "Pick a Setting" field, to choose the first rule:

From the list of options, choose "Disable Performance" as a first rule:

Then, click on "Add a Setting" to add the second rule:

Choose "Disable Apps" from the list:

Lastly, choose the "Cache Level" option as a third rule:

And, in the second field, choose "Bypass":

Click on "Save and Deploy":

Note: In case you're experiencing a '403 Forbidden Error' or a False Positive HTTP Request, you can also add a new rule here, the "Disable Security" one:

The new rules will then be added:

4. Clear Cache

Lastly, clear your cache. For that, go back to your Cloudflare dashboard and, from the top menu, access the "Caching" section:

Go to the "Configuration" tab:

And from the "Purge Cache" section, click on "Purge Everything":

Confirm, and you are all set:

Note: If you have any other caching plugins installed, make sure you clear/purge cache from those ones, as well.

This is how you can add page rules to your Cloudflare account to ensure that there will be no issues or interferences when working with Thrive Products.

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