When you work with automations in Thrive Automator, it's important to understand what the status of each automation means.

After creating a new automation, you can save it and go back to the page with the rest of the automations. However, saving an automation will not start it.

  • A saved automation that is not published yet is an automation for which you have saved the progress. A saved automation will not be running;

  • A published automation is the automation that is running. This means that whenever the start trigger event occurs, the automation flow will start;

  • An automation can also be removed, in which case it will stop running immediately, in case you delete it while it was still published.

→ How do I publish/unpublish an automation?

When you finish creating your automation, you can click on "Save and finish" from the bottom right side of the workflow canvas:

This will take you to the page that lists all of your automations. However, the one that you have just saved will not be published:

In order for the automation flow to start and be available, you will have to publish it. You can do so by simply enabling this switch:

You can also publish the automation from the top right corner of the page in which you're creating it:

The automation is now up and running, and once the start trigger event occurs, the flow will start.

→What happens if I remove a published automation?

Should you ever want to delete one of your automations that is currently running, the process will not only remove the automation permanently, but it will also stop it from running.

Hopefully this article was useful to you and remember that you can find more information about Thrive Automator in our dedicated knowledge base section.

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