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How to Switch Back to the Legacy Thrive Apprentice Editor
How to Switch Back to the Legacy Thrive Apprentice Editor

Find out in this article how to switch back to the legacy Thrive Apprentice editor in several easy steps

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If you are using the new Thrive Apprentice editor but would like to know how to switch back to the legacy one, then keep on reading this article.

First, access your Thrive Apprentice dashboard, just as you would normally do:

Here, click on the "Design" tab of your navigation bar:

This will take you to the dashboard where you can view the currently active design, as well as the unpublished ones:

The "Legacy" editor should be listed in the "Unpublished designs" section:

Hover over the design and click on the "Publish" button:

You will next be prompted with this pop-up, where you have to confirm your selection:

Once you do that, your entire Thrive Apprentice online school will switch back to the legacy editor:

Now you can start customizing the design of your online school using the legacy editor:

Note: it's important to mention here that the content of your courses will not be impacted by this change, only the design.

And that's how to quickly switch to the "Legacy" editor in several easy steps.

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Hopefully, this quick tutorial about how to switch back to the old legacy editor was useful to you. If so, don't hesitate to rate it with a smile below ;)

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