The "Customers" section of Thrive Apprentice offers you an overview of all the customers who have signed up for your courses or purchased them.

You can also use this section to edit access rights, import customer lists, add or remove customers, and so on.

Access the Customers List

The "Customers" section can be found in the navigation bar after you access Thrive Apprentice from your Thrive Dashboard:

When you click on it, you will be taken to this dashboard which lists all your Thrive Apprentice customers:

Here's where you will be able to modify various aspects of your customer list.

Filtering options

First of all, if you expand the drop-down field located right at the top of your customer list, you will be able to filter them by "All customers" and "Customers with no access":

Naturally, the "All customers" filter will show a list of all your Thrive Apprentice customers, whilst the second one will only display those customers who do not have access to your courses.

Furthermore, if you are selling your courses through a third-party checkout tool or a membership plugin, then you will also be able to filter your customers by the products or bundles set up on those platforms.

For instance, in the below example, you can filter them by the SendOwl Products created in SendOwl:

So you might be selling your course as a SendOwl product, or, multiple courses as a SendOwl bundle and all of them will be listed here exactly as you've configured them in your SendOwl account.

You can find here a list of resources that might help you decide if you want to integrate with a checkout tool or a membership plugin:

Edit access rights/View WordPress user

If you hover over a customer listed in this dashboard, you will see these two additional options:

  • Log in as this user

This is where you can log in on your website as a different user. Once you click this option you will see this notification:

If you want to proceed with this action, click on the "Log in" button. This will simply log out of your account and you will basically logged in as the selected user, having the same course accesses.

  • Edit access rights

Clicking on the "Edit access rights" allows you to view the currently existing access rights:

Here's where you can also give new access rights to other Thrive Apprentice courses. To do that, simply click on the "+Add access" button:

Next, click on the checkbox next to the course to which you want to add your customer:

Lastly, don't forget to click on "Save":

Next time you click on the "Edit access rights" option for that particular customer, you will be able to view the changes that you've just made as well as remove the access if you want, from the trash icon that appears when you hover over the right side of the field:

So, with this feature, you can edit the existing customer rights but also manually add new users to your courses.

  • View WordPress user

The second option you can use here is the "View WordPress user" one:

If you click it, you will be redirected to the WordPress user profile dashboard, where you can edit various aspects, such as the color schemes, role, social URLs, and so on:

Search bar

While you are still on the "Customer" list dashboard, you can also use the search bar if you want to look for a particular customer:

Simply type in the name or e-mail address and the customer should show right up:

Add customers

In Thrive Apprentice you can also add customers manually:

After you click on the "+Add customer" button, you will see this pop-up where you can add the name and e-mail address of the new customer, as well as select the course/courses for which you want to grant access:

Activate the "Notify user by email" if you want to inform your customers that they have been added to a new course and then "Save" your changes:

Import customer

The last option you can use here is the "Import customer" one, and this is recommended when you are trying to add multiple customers at once:

You will be able to either import them using a CSV file or by using a list of names and emails:

  • CSV file

If you select the "CSV file" option, then you will have to have your CSV file prepared and ready to upload it here:

We have a separate article that goes into more detail about how to import existing customers to Thrive Apprentice which you can find linked here.

Simply add your file or drag and drop it into the file field and click on "Continue":

The list of customers will appear. Scroll down to get to the "Give users access to the following" section, and choose for which course(s) they should get access to.

Also, make sure to select the course/courses to which you want to add your customers, by following the same steps as described above for manually adding a new customer:

After you click on "Save", the new customers will be imported to Thrive Apprentice:

  • List of names and emails

If you choose this option, then you will have to manually insert the names and emails of the new customers:

This is similar to manually adding a customer, the only difference is that with the help of this option you can add them in bulk.

After you click on "Continue" you will reach this view once more where you can select the courses to which you want to grant access:

Once you are done, click on "Save" and your customers will be added to your list.

We have an entire section in our knowledge base if you want to get more familiar with Thrive Apprentice.

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