Starting June 25th 2021, Sendinblue will remove API v2 and have all of the users migrate to API v3. You can check out their migration guide here.

When creating the connection between Thrive Themes and Sendinblue from your Thrive Dashboard, you were only able to use the API v2.

This has changed now, as Sendinblue are removing this version, hence the reason you will have to update to API v3. Don't worry, we've made the process easy for you.

From our side, we've decided to create this article to show you how you can re-establish your API connection to Sendinblue, in case you were still using the second version.

Note: If you need help setting up the entire Sendinblue and Thrive Themes connection, or you simply want to see what the steps to achieve it are, please take a look at this article first.

The reason you have to do this is because, after June 25th, the forms that have been previously connected to Sendinblue and were using API v2 will not properly work anymore.

Thus, in order for the API connection to Thrive Themes to work, you will have to manually migrate to Sendinblue v3, and here is how:

1.Access your API Connections

In your WordPress admin panel, go to the left sidebar and click on "Thrive Dashboard":

Scroll down and look for the "API Connections" card and click on "Manage Connections":

2. Update to Sendiblue V3

You have already set up the connection with Sendinblue, so you can look it up in the list of your active connections, and click on the pencil icon to edit it:

The card will expand, and you will see your connection details.

Since you were only able to connect the API v2 to your Thrive Dashboard, we have inserted an "I want to use API v3" button, that you can click on, to immediately update to API v3, so click on that:

As you do this, in a matter of seconds, your connection will be updated, and you will get this success notification:

This is everything you have to do, and the forms that have been previously connected to Sendinblue via API will properly work, so you don't have to worry about going back to each form and modifying it.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand why and how you should update to Sendinblue API V3.

If you need more information about Thrive Suite or any Thrive Themes feature, be sure to check out our knowledge base.

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