When you are working on your Thrive Apprentice course, there are two elements that might be useful to you: the "Course List" element and the "Lesson List" element.

These two elements will allow you to display your Thrive Apprentice courses and their summaries anywhere on your pages or posts.

In addition to this, when you are in the "Edit Design" mode, you will be able to add and use new elements from the right sidebar, that are available only for the "Course List" and "Lesson List" element.

These elements are using dynamic data to display the status of the course, the progress, number of lessons, difficulty level, and so on.

This article will show you how to add and use them in order to get the most out of your Thrive Apprentice elements.

Apprentice Elements for the Course List Element

If you are using the "Course List" element, after you drag and drop it to your page, click on the "Edit Design" button:

Then, open the right sidebar list of elements:

And here, under the "Course List Elements" section, you will be able to find the elements that are available only when using the "Course List" element:

You can use them just like you would do with any other Thrive Architect element. Simply drag and drop it anywhere within your "Course List" element, and then start customizing it to your liking.


When you add an element to your course list, you will notice that it will be displayed next to each course/lesson:

The same rule applies when you are removing the element:

  • Action button

Decide where you want to place the "Action button", and then drag and drop it within your "Course List" element:

You will notice that once you do that, the button will be automatically added to each course from your list:

This button will capture the current status of each course directly from Thrive Apprentice, based on the "Call to action button" labels that you've configured in your dashboard. Thus, the user is able to view which courses are already started, not started at all, completed, and so on.

Furthermore, use the left sidebar options to change the template, color, adjust its size and position, and so on, just like you would do with any other "Button" element:

If you want to read even more about the "Action Button" element, then make sure to check out this dedicated article from our knowledge base.

  • Author Image

Use this element if you want to display the image of the author:

You will also notice that you can select the "Dynamic source" for the element from the left sidebar list of options:

If you want to read more about how to set the author image and use its left sidebar options, make sure to check out this article available in our knowledge base.

  • Cover Image

The "Cover Image" will display the image that you've set as the cover for each of your Thrive Apprentice courses:

The left-sidebar options can be used once more to further adjust the cover, as well as to change the dynamic source of your image:

  • Course summary

This element can be used when you want to display the summary of your course:

The summary can be edited and customized just like any other "Text" element:

  • Difficulty level

Just as its name says, this element will basically allow you to display the difficulty level for each of your courses, as you've set it in your Thrive Apprentice dashboard:

Note: Keep in mind that you can format the text, but cannot change it as this information is imported from Thrive Apprentice. Hence, if you want to display other information here, you will first have to make those changes in Thrive Apprentice:

  • Course label

These labels show whether a course is started, completed, or not started yet:

In other words, this element will display the dynamic labels set by you in the "Access restriction" section of your Thrive Apprentice dashboard:

  • Number of lessons

Naturally, this element will display the actual number of lessons available within that course:

Whenever a new lesson is added (or removed), this value will automatically update and reflect the current number.

  • Course Name

All "Course List" templates display by default the course titles, but if you want to add them again, you can do that with the help of this element:

  • Progress Bar

Using the "Progress Bar" element, you will be able to show the users their current progress on each of the courses inside the "Course List" element:

The progress bar will be filled dynamically, depending on the course progress of each user:

  • Progress

This element will show whether a course has been started or not, finished or if it is in progress:

The information is captured from the "Labels and translations" section, located in your Thrive Apprentice settings:

We have a separate article that covers this particular section, which you can find linked here.

Topic Icon

If you want to display the topic of the course, you can do that with the help of this element:

These settings can be configured directly from your Thrive Apprentice course:

  • Topic title

Of course, this element will display the title of the topic. In the below example, we've placed the title right under the "Topic icon":

This too can be set directly from your Thrive Apprentice dashboard, just as described in this article.

  • Course type icon

With the help of this element, you can show the icon of the course content-type:

These icons are also available in the "Course content types" section of your Thrive Apprentice settings:

  • Course type

Use this element if you want to inform your site's visitors about the course content-type:

This element goes hand in hand with the previously explained one, the "Course type icon". The "Course type" element will inform the user about the type of course (text, video, audio, etc), whilst the "Course type icon" will also display the relevant icon.

These are the elements that can be used when you are in the "Edit Design" mode of the "Course List" element.

In the following section, we will have a look at the elements available for the "Lesson List" element.

Apprentice Elements for the Lesson List Element

If you decide to use the "Lesson List" element on your pages, the process is the same as in the case of the "Course List" one. First, drag and drop the element to your page, and then click on the "Edit Design" button:

Now head over to your right sidebar list of elements, and open it:

You will notice two new elements available here:

  • Description

Place this element anywhere within your course list.

If you are placing the element in your module item, then it will display the module description. If you are placing the element, for example, in your lesson item, then the loaded description will be the one set for the lesson:

Here as well, depending on where it's placed, the element will appear in all items pertaining to the same category. So if you add it in a lesson item, then all lesson items from your house will display their corresponding description:

The same happens when you remove the element. If you remove it from one item, then it will instantly disappear from all items of the same type:

  • Title

The "Title" element will simply display the title of the module, chapter, or lesson, depending on where you decide to place it:

This might come in handy if you remove the title from your "Lesson List" element, and would like to simply add it back, without having to access your Thrive Apprentice dashboard and manually copy each title.

Just as in the case of the other text elements already mentioned in this article, here as well you can use the left sidebar formatting options if you want to apply additional changes to it. The text itself, however, cannot be modified as it's taken directly from your Thrive Apprentice.

Hopefully, this article about the elements available for the "Course List" element and the "Lesson List" element was useful to you.

Feel free to read more about Thrive Apprentice in the dedicated section available in our knowledge base.

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