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Using the Smart Complete Feature in Order to Autofill a "Lead Generation" Element
Using the Smart Complete Feature in Order to Autofill a "Lead Generation" Element

Find out how to autofill the fields from a "Lead Generation" element with the help of the "Smart Complete" feature

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When you are adding a "Lead Generation" element to your page, you can use the left sidebar options to enable the autofill settings. This way, the fields from your form will be filled in automatically with dynamic data (such as the user email address, name, etc.).

In other words, the visitors who are filling out your form will not be required to type in their details each time they are submitting a form on your website. You can take advantage of this feature and use it on quiz opt-in gates, contact forms, newsletters, etc.

The example will showcase a page built with Thrive Architect, on which we've placed a "Lead Generation" element that has four form fields ("name", "e-mail", "phone", and "text" fields). The logged-in users on your website, who will be filling out this form will not have to insert once more their e-mail and name, as this information will be auto-filled for them.

Access the Main Options of the Element

You first have to access the "Main Options" of the "Lead Generation" element - so make sure to open the page on which your "Lead Generation" element is placed and click on it to select it:

If you haven't done that yet, follow the steps described in this article.

This is where you can customize the design of your form, connect it to an autoresponder, change the template, etc.

Edit the Form Fields

Next, you can add or edit the form fields that need to be filled in by the users:

For this example, I will add two more form fields to the already existing ones, as per the below:

This way, I will have a total number of four form fields. The "name" and "email" ones will have the "Smart Complete" feature enabled, whilst the "phone" and "text" form fields will be left as they are.

Enable the "Smart Complete" feature

Now you can go ahead and click on the pencil icon next to the form field for which you want to enable the "Smart Complete" feature:

In this pop-up, open the "Autofill settings" drop-down list:

Here, you can see that these settings allow you to automatically populate the fields with dynamic data, so in order to do that, open the 'Select Variable Type" list:

And from this list, select "User Data" as your variable source:

This means that the information for this field will be pulled from the data provided by your users when they signed up on your website.

Next, you have to select which exact data you want to auto-populate here:

Given the fact that we are editing the "Name" field, I have the possibility of choosing between one of these two options:

Once this is set, simply go ahead and click on "Apply":

Follow the same steps for every field for which you want to enable the autofill feature. Simply add your form field, then open the settings and select the corresponding value from the list:

When you are done with all the changes, make sure to save and preview your page.

Now each returning user of your website, who fills out this form, will have these two fields auto-populated by default:

This is how you can take advantage of the "Smart Complete" feature with a "Lead Generation" element. More articles of this type can be found in our knowledge base.

Hopefully, this step-by-step tutorial has proven to be useful to you. If so, make sure to rate it with a smile below :)

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