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Disabling Adblockers in Order to Open a Support Conversation
Disabling Adblockers in Order to Open a Support Conversation
Learn how to exclude our website from your adblocker, so that you can open
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This article will show you what to do, in case you've tried to open a support conversation, but you were not able to, and this message shows up:

This is basically saying that either browser caching, a cookie, or a browser extension causes a conflict.

The solution to this will be either turning off the adblocker extension that you have on your browser, or simply setting it to exclude our website.

However, excluding a singular website is possible on certain extensions only, so you might have to simply pause/stop the extension while opening the support conversation.

For example, if you're using AdBlock, you can pause it on our website only:

You can then reload the site, and you should have access to the support section:

Another thing you can do is test out if the issue comes from your browser. For that, you can try accessing the "Support" section from a different browser, that has no extensions, and see if you can access the site without entering the "Incognito" mode.

If it does, that means one of the extensions you are using (besides the adblocker) could still cause issues.

If the issue still persists, make sure you contact us at [email protected], and we'll make sure the issue is getting fixed as soon as possible.

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