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Should I Use ThriveCart With Thrive Apprentice?
Should I Use ThriveCart With Thrive Apprentice?

Find out which are the advantages for integrating Thrive Apprentice with ThriveCart

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ThriveCart is a premium hosted checkout service that has a number of features designed to help you build optimized checkout pages. It has multiple payment options including one time purchases, subscriptions, free trials. It also handles digital sales tax on your behalf.

You must have a premium ThriveCart account in order to connect to Thrive Apprentice.

Please note: despite the similarity in name, ThriveCart is not built by Thrive Themes. The companies are completely different and we have no affiliation with ThriveCart other than being an integration partner.

Integrate Thrive Apprentice with ThriveCart if...

  • You want a quick and easy integration with Thrive Apprentice (should take less than 10 mins to set up with our API connection)

  • You’re happy to handle billing management (cancellations and issuing refunds, for example) inside ThriveCart

  • You’re happy with an off-site checkout process (although it’s possible to embed a ThriveCart checkout form on your WordPress site)

  • You want to be able to build more complex funnels such as one-click upsells and order bumps

  • You don’t want to worry about setting up a technical solution for collecting digital VAT (this is handled for you)

  • You want to get up and running quickly (the setup process only takes a few minutes)

You may want to avoid ThriveCart if…

  • You’re on a tight budget

  • You want an on-site checkout process with more granular control over what happens (similar to WooCommerce, for example)

  • You’re selling lots of courses**

**Here's what we mean by avoiding ThriveCart if you're selling lots of courses:

ThriveCart is not an e-commerce solution, but more one that allows you to bundle online courses and sell them as a singular product. The purchase process is more linear than with other e-commerce platforms.

If you want to sell 5 courses, for example, the ThriveCart + Thrive Apprentice integration will let you create a ThriveCart product and sell it as a whole (a course bundle, to say). You can only sell a limited amount of products.

When you’re looking for solutions to give your users the possibility to buy different courses as different products and add them to a single cart, you should probably use an e-commerce platform (such as WooCommerce), since that will let users add as many items (courses) to their shopping cart as they wish.

Using an e-commerce platform will let the users browse through your courses, add the ones they want to purchase to the cart and then make the payment, whereas with ThriveCart they are going through a step-by-step purchase process.

The ThriveCart Customer Experience


  1. Users click a purchase button on your WordPress site and are taken to a ThriveCart checkout form. On payment completion, users are taken to a payment confirmation page of your choice. In the back end, users are sent an email with login details, and from there they can click a link to log into your site.

  2. Similar to the flow above, except it’s also possible to embed the checkout form on a page on your WordPress site.

Take a look at this video, if you want to see the entire checkout process, as seen from a user's point of view (the checkout process example starts at 08:45):

Cancellations and Refunds

  • You can cancel and refund users from within your account. Apprentice will automatically remove the user's access to the course. More details here.

Upsells, checkout funnels and order bumps

  • You can use ThriveCart to create funnels, one-click upsells and order bumps. All these features work with the Thrive Apprentice integration.


How to Setup ThriveCart with Thrive Apprentice

Here are some resources to help you get started integrating Thrive Apprentice with ThriveCart:-

Not sure if you should integrate with ThriveCart or not? See this helpful article for more information:- Should I integrate with a checkout tool or a membership plugin?

If you need help setting up ThriveCart with Thrive Apprentice then feel free to contact our support team here. We're happy to help.

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