When creating and customizing your Thrive Apprentice courses, you can make use of the dynamic feature for the labels and call to action buttons of the courses, which will change depending on the status and context of the participant that has accessed the course page.

This feature can be found under the "Courses" section of the Thrive Apprentice dashboard:

The access restriction labels are the labels added to each of your courses, on the course page, so that the users are aware that the respective course can't be accessed unless they sign in/purchase the course:

The "Call to action" buttons of the courses Thrive Apprentice will reflect the state of the course participant and will change accordingly, once they've started/finished a course:

For each of these features, we've created separate articles, that you can find here:

So please check them out to see how you can set up and customize both of these dynamic elements when creating your courses.

Make sure to also check out the rest of the articles and tutorials from our knowledge base, to find out more about various Thrive Themes products and features.

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