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How to Set Up & Use the API Connection With Mailgun
How to Set Up & Use the API Connection With Mailgun

Step-by-step tutorial for setting up a Mailgun connection with Thrive Leads

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This article will explain how to use Mailgun for the Asset Delivery feature in Thrive Leads.

In order for this to work, you have to have Thrive Leads installed on your website and also a Mailgun account.

Note: Sending through Mailgun only works if your domain name has been set and verified within your Mailgun account.

How to set up the API connection with Mailgun

Get the API keys from your Mailgun account

In order to set up the connection, you have to log in to your Mailgun account and access your dashboard:

In the newly opened window, select the domain for which you want to set up the connection:

Now you can get the API keys and domain name from your Mailgun account, by selecting the API box:

Now select the preferred language from the available list:

And now you can access your API key and API base URL:

Insert the API URL and the API key to your Thrive Dashboard

After you copied your connection details, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on "Thrive Dashboard":

In the newly opened window, look for the "API Connections" card, and once found, click on "Manage Connections":

A new window with all the already set up connections will open. If you don't have any, this list will be blank.

Click on "Add new Connection":

Click on "Select an app", and in the drop-down list loaded on the screen look for Mailgun under the "Email Delivery" field:

In the connection card you will have to paste in the information you have copied from your Mailgun account as follows:

  • Mailgun-approved domain name: paste here the API base URL that you have previously copied from the Mailgun account

Important! In order for the connection to work, make sure to include the region your account is on within the base URL (in this example "eu" is added between "api" and "mailgun"). Here is an example of how the URL will look like:

  • API key: paste the Mailgun "API key":

Once both the domain name and the API key are copied, click on "Connect":

You should get a "success" message, letting you know if the connection works:

Enable Mailgun in Asset Delivery

Now that Mailgun is available as one of your connection, you can go back to your Thrive Dashboard and look for the Thrive Leads card:

Hover over the three dots located in the upper right corner and select "Asset Delivery" from the drop-down list:

If you already have "Asset Delivery" set up, then look for the status icon and click on it:

In the newly opened list, make sure to enable the toggle for the email delivery service which you want to have activated - in this case, Mailgun:

This will automatically disable all the other existing connections, and start sending your e-mails through Mailgun.

If you have not set up your "Asset Delivery" details yet, and want to learn how to do that, we have created this article which you might find useful.

These are the steps for creating a connection with Mailgun.

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