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What Non-Thrive Plugins You Should Use for Your WordPress Website
What Non-Thrive Plugins You Should Use for Your WordPress Website

Read this article to find out what non-Thrive plugins should be used on your WordPress powered website

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In this article we will go over the best non-Thrive plugins you should use on your WordPress website - In this way, you can use all of these products without worrying about their reliability.

We will divide the plugins into multiple categories, depending on their field of action:

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

As you probably know, SEO helps you rank the pages from your website higher on the search engines, by different techniques and strategies.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most downloaded SEO plugin for WordPress, with over 1 Million installations! It also has a 4.9 average rating from over 14.000 reviews, in 2017!

In order to download the plugin, you simply have to go on your WP Admin Dashboard and access Plugins > Add New:

Afterward, you can go on and search for "Yoast SEO" on the right-hand side search bar:

Then you can click on the "Install Now" button, from the Yoast SEO card:

If you need any help on getting started and using the plugin, check out the Yoast SEO website.


An Anti-Spam plugin helps you identify any types of "spam-like" activity on your website. It can either be Blog Commenting Spam, or Web Form Spam (receiving notifications on your email, that your form has been accessed multiple times, spamming it).


Akismet is the best known anti-spam plugin for WordPress, with over 1 Million downloads and a 5 Star rating, from over 700 reviews in 2017!

The plugin can be found in the WordPress Plugins area, where you can download and install it in a simple way, as seen above. If you need any help in using the plugin, check out the Akismet Help Page.


It is very important to secure your WordPress website from all sorts of threads that may appear: Whether they are committed by manually or automatically operated computers - They can attack the WordPress core, as well as the themes and plugins of your website.

Wordfence Security

This is the most downloaded WordPress plugin. Wordfence claim that they have over 22 Million downloads worldwide, and also have a 5-star rating, from 3000+ reviews in 2017!

The plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress interface, just as seen above.

Once you have installed the plugin, you will need to temporarily set their Firewall on "Learning Mode". In order to find out how to properly do that, check out this tutorial article.

Sucuri Security

This is another security plugin that we have used and we recommend, as well. Sucuri Inc. is a globally recognized authority in all matters related to website security.

As in the case of the Wordfence plugin, you can download the Sucuri software from the WordPress interface, as seen above.

If you need help in getting started and using the plugin, you can go ahead and check out the Sucuri Knowledge Base.

Staging Environment

If you are looking to set up a staging environment for your website, don't forget to check out this tutorial article, that shows you exactly how to do that, along with the best methods.

Note: Thrive Themes doesn't offer any integration with the products that were mentioned. We recommend you use them on your site. However, proceed with caution when updating these plugins, the best way is to update them on a staging website first.

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