Here is a step-by-step guide for you on how to install and activate a Thrive plugin on your WordPress-based website.

In this example, you will see how Thrive Leads is uploaded and installed, but you can install the other Thrive plugins the same way as well. You can even install them all at once if you wish.

1. Get the Thrive Product Manager

First of all, you will need to have the Thrive Product Manager in order to have an easy way to install and activate various Thrive products on your website.

After you download the Thrive Product Manager plugin from your Member Dashboard, you will need to install and activate it on your WordPress admin dashboard.

Note: If you are using the Safari browser and the plugin archive is unzipped automatically after the download, then, please check out this article for solutions.

Then, you will be a few clicks away from using the Thrive products.

In case you need more details on how to get the Thrive Product Manager, please check out this article.

2. Select the Plugin

Once you have the Thrive Product Manager, access it from the menu of your WordPress admin dashboard (should be under Settings):

You will see that the Thrive Product Manager has two sections: “Plugins” and “Themes”. Look at the list with “Plugins” and make sure the plugin you want to install, which is “Thrive Leads” in our case, is selected and it has the “Install product” option:

3. Install the Plugin

Then, simply click on the “Install selected products” button at the bottom-center part of the page:

This will start the installation process and you will see that the Thrive Leads plugin is being processed:

In a matter of seconds, your product will be installed, activated, and ready to be used, without any need for further steps.

You can check this by using the "Go to the Thrive Themes Dashboard" button that appeared:

When you access your Thrive Dashboard, you will see that "Thrive Leads" is now the "Installed Products" list, and going forward, you will be able to use it while building your website:

These steps are available for every Thrive Product that you have purchased, so you can install them just as easily as Thrive Leads is installed in this example.

You can also select more products, in the Thrive Product Manager, (even all the products that you have purchased) and install them at the same time.

Find out how Thrive Leads and the other Thrive products work by looking through our Knowledge Base.

Hopefully, this article was useful for you. If so, please give us a smile below :)

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