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Updating Your Plugins to the Latest Version – Automatic Updates
Updating Your Plugins to the Latest Version – Automatic Updates

Learn how to update your plugins to the latest version

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We often release updated versions of our plugins that incorporate a combination of new features and bug fixes that have been reported by our customers. Here is how you go about updating your plugin to the latest version.

If The Plugin is Already Installed on your Site

In case the plugin is already installed on your site then the update process is very simple. Firstly, navigate to the "Plugins" section of your WordPress admin dashboard:

If there is a new plugin update available then you'll see something that looks like this in your plugins list:

Click on "Update Now" and follow the instructions on your screen to automatically download the newest version of the plugin that you're updating.

How to Update Manually

In some instances, you may want to update the plugin manually. For example, if your blog is configured so that automatic updates don't work. In this case, you can either:

  1. Go to your plugins dashboard, delete the plugin and re-upload it.

  2. Log in through FTP, delete the existing plugin folder (if it exists) and upload the new folder to the /wp-content/plugins directory.

What Happens to your Content

All the pages made with Thrive Content Builder and the forms from Thrive Leads are stored in the WordPress database. This means that you can deactivate or remove the plugins and the content will not suffer any changes, being saved in the WordPress database.

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