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What Happens If I Only Have One Thrive Suite License and Want to Create a Staging Site?
What Happens If I Only Have One Thrive Suite License and Want to Create a Staging Site?

A quick guide on how to create a staging site with a single Thrive Suite license.

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You've only purchased one Thrive Suite licence, but you want to create a staging site and customize your theme there, and later apply it to your live website.

How do you do that, with only one purchased licence?

The answer to this is fairly easy. Here's what we recommend you do:

1. Activate the licence on your staging site

Firstly, make sure you activate your Thrive Theme Builder licence on your staging site.

We do have an article that shows and explains how to set up a staging website, so make sure to check it out, here.

If you need help with the Thrive Theme Builder installation process, please follow this article.

2. Customize the theme on the staging site

Once you activate your licence, start using Thrive Theme Builder on your staging site, and customize the theme until you're pleased with the results.

Here are some articles that can help you get started with the customization:

After that, you can start the migration process, following the next steps:

3. Deactivate the licence from your staging site

When you're finished editing the theme and you're happy with how your staging site looks like, it's time to deactivate the Thrive Theme Builder licence from the staging site.

If you need help with this part, please check out this article, which explains the deactivation process.

4. Copy the staging site to your live site

Once the licence has been deactivated, you can migrate everything on your live website.

The way to do that depends on the way you've created the staging site. For example, plugins such as WPX Hosting offer the migration service as a part of their plan.

You can also use a cloning plugin of your choice. Here is a list of some WordPress plugins that you can use.

5. Reactivate the licence on your site

Once the staging site has been copied to your live site, all there's left to do is go to your site and activate the Thrive Theme Builder licence there.

For that, access the Thrive Product Manager again, and activate the licence, just like you previously did, on the staging site, following the steps presented here.

And there you have it! This is how you can use your only Thrive Theme Builder licence, on both your live and staging websites.

For more information about Thrive Theme Builder, or all of the other Thrive Themes products and features, please check out our knowledge base.

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