The asset delivery feature lets you upload files (e.g. PDF reports) to your WordPress site and have those files automatically delivered whenever someone signs up through a Thrive Leads form.

You can choose whether or not a downloadable file should be sent and which downloadable file should be sent, on a form-by-form basis.

Most typically, this feature is used for content upgrades.

Asset Delivery: Overview

There are a few components that, all working together, will automate your downloadable asset delivery. These components are:

  1. An opt-in form, created with Thrive Leads.

  2. An autoresponder or CRM system, where new leads will be recorded (so you can follow up with them in the future).

  3. One or several downloadable files (typically free reports, free ebooks, PDFs).

  4. An email delivery service, to ensure that your downloadable files are delivered instantly and don't end up in a spam folder.

You can learn all about creating opt-in forms in Thrive Leads in this guide. For connecting to your autoresponder or CRM system, click below on the logo of the system you want to integrate with, to view a tutorial.

Asset Delivery Setup Wizard

To start using the Asset Delivery feature, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and open the Thrive Dashboard:

In the Thrive Dashboard, click on the hamburger menu of the Thrive Leads card (1) and then on the Asset Delivery link (2) that appears in the drop-down:

You will be presented with a setup wizard that walks you through the initial setup steps. You only have to do this setup process once. After that, you can add and edit your downloadable assets directly.

Follow the instructions in the setup wizard to arrive at the main dashboard view.

Asset Delivery Main Dashboard

In the dashboard, these are the main elements:

1) The status indicator in the top right shows you whether emails are sending or not. Normally, you'll see 3 green icons, indicating that everything is okay.

Should there be a problem with the email delivery service or should you ever delete the default email template or all of your asset groups, it will be indicated in this area, with clear instructions on how to fix the problem.

2) To add a new Asset Group, click this button.

3) This is where you'll see a list of all your asset groups. An asset group is one or several download links and an email template. Each asset group can be associated with one or more Thrive Leads opt-in forms.

Click on any asset group in the list to see an expanded view:

In this view, you can add, remove and edit the download links you want to include in the email as well as previewing or editing the email template itself.

Email Templates

By default, every new asset group you create will use the default email template. When you click on an asset group and click on the "customize email" link, you can make changes to that template.

Any changes you apply within an asset group will only apply to that specific group.

This way, you have the choice: you can create your email template once and then use it for every asset group, you can have a different, individually customized email for each asset group or you can have anything in between.

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