If you are selling your online courses with the help of the Thrive Apprentice and SendOwl connection, then, the “SendOwl Customers List” feature can come in handy for you.

1. Where to find the SendOwl Customers List?

First, go to your Thrive Apprentice dashboard and click on the “Settings” drop down (that can be found in the upper right corner of the page):

Once opened, select the “SendOwl Settings” from the drop-down:

In the “SendOwl Settings” page look for the “SendOwl Customers List” section and click on the “View Customers” button:

2. How to use the SendOwl Customers List?

You will see that the “SendOwl Customer List” page contains the names and email addresses of every customer that has purchased your products/courses, through the Thrive Apprentice & SendOwl connection:

There are also two sections on this page: the Products and the Bundles drop-down:

If you click on the little down arrow next to these sections a drop down will open with your products and bundles. You can select either of them in order to see the list of customers who have bought that specific product/bundle:

Another option you can use on this page is the “Search users” option. You can find the search box next to the Products and Bundles sections:

You can use this search box when you want to find a specific customer from the customers list. All you have to do is to start typing in the name or the email of the customer and you will see that the respective customer will be displayed on the page, instead of the entire list of customers.

Add Customer

You can manually add customers to the “SendOwl Customer List” anytime. In order to do this, first click on the “Add Customer” option that can be found on the right side of the page, next to the “Customer Import” option:

Then, in the pop-up that opens, complete the necessary steps.

Fill in the name and the email address of the new customer, you want to add to the list and then, select the products/bundles you want the new customer to have access to:

After you are done, click on the “Save” button and the customer will be added to your “SendOwl Customers List”.

Note: A “Bulk Import” option is also available in the “Add Customer” pop-up window:

If you want to use this option, you will be redirected to the two methods of importing customers to your list (they are the same ones as those from the “Customer Import” option).

In order to find out how to use these two, please read on, because both of them are detailed in the following sections of the article.

Customer Import

The “Customer Import” option can be found next to the above mentioned “Add Customer” option, on the right side of the page:

If you click on the little down arrow next to this option, a drop-down will open, where you can see the two methods of importing customers.

You can either upload a “CSV File from SendOwl” and then, import the customers from it, or you can add a “List of names and emails”:

  • CSV File from SendOwl

SendOwl offers a “Quick Sell” link, for every product that you have set up in your SendOwl dashboard. This link can be used to send customers directly to the page where they can complete the payment for the product.

You can use this link to provide your customers with a direct way of buying your product, without having to go to your website (the sales page or the page of the course).

If you do this, then, the users who buy the product directly, without accessing the website, will not be added to the will be added to “SendOwl Customers List” that you have in Thrive Apprentice.

Nevertheless, you can add them by using this “CSV File from your SendOwl” way of importing customers.

First, you will need to get the CSV file from your SendOwl account. This article details where you can find it, how you can generate it, as a report in the form of a CSV file, and then, download it from your email.

Note: If you would like to add customers from a file other than the SendOwl "Orders" report (for example, a customer list you want to add from another mailing provider you have, or any other customer list you want to add) then, please make sure of the following:

  • The list has to be in the form of a CSV file
  • The CSV file must include the “Buyer Email,” and the “Buyer Name,” field (including the commas). These two fields are a must; without them, the customers from the file cannot be imported to the Thrive Apprentice interface.

Therefore, if the file you want to upload, does not include these two fields by default, then, you will have to add them manually to the file, before uploading it. Otherwise, you will get an error message when trying to upload the file.

Once you have the CSV file, you will have to upload it to Thrive Apprentice. After you clicked on the “Customer Import” → “CSV File from SendOwl” option, add the file either by clicking on the “Add file” text and selecting the CSV file or by dropping it in the designated place of the pop-up window:

Then, after the file is uploaded, click on the “Add Customers” button:

The customers will be imported and displayed in the pop-up window. All you have left to do is to decide which products/bundles should they have access to, by checking the box next to the products/bundles you have set up:

When you have selected the access rights as well, click on the “Save” button and the new customers will be added to your “SendOwl Customers List”.

  • List of names and emails

Adding customers through this method is very simple. After you have clicked on the “Customer Import” → “List of names and emails” option, a pop-up window will appear:

Enter the names and the email addresses of the new users here. Make sure to separate the names from the email addresses by commas and add one customer per line.

Then, if you have added all customers you wanted to, click on the “Add Customer” button. You will be taken to the same window, which is described above at the CSV upload option. Here you have to choose what products/bundles should the new users have access to:

Once done, click on the “Save” button and the customers will be imported to your list.

Access Rights & View Users

If you hover your mouse over one of the names or email addresses of the customers from your list, you will see two options appearing:

  • Edit Access Rights:

If you click on this option, you can see what products/bundles does the respective customer currently have access to, and you can also give free access to him/her for your other products/bundles.

In the pop-up window that opened, you will see the name plus email address of the customer and below it, a list with all the products/bundles that you have set up in your SendOwl account:

There is a checkbox in front of every product/bundle. If the checkbox is checked, it means that the customer has access to the respective product/bundle.

Here is how you can edit the access rights of the customer:

- You can give him/her access to more products/bundles by checking the other products/bundles from the lists. This way you can give free access to the courses you made with Thrive Apprentice and set up in SendOwl as products.

You can simply edit the customer’s access rights here, save the changes and then, give the URL of the course directly to the customer. Once they click on the URL, they should have full access to the course.

- You can also restrict the customer’s access from here if you uncheck the check-boxes in front of the products/bundles that are checked. After you have unchecked the boxes next to the products you don’t want the customer to have access to, click on the “Save” button.

This way the customer will not have access to the respective products/bundles anymore.

  • View WordPress User

If you click on this option, after you hover your mouse over a user from the “SendOwl Customers List”, the WordPress user page of the respective customer will open in another tab.

Since this page refers to the users of your website, as the administrator of the website, you can update the details of the customers here, just like you would for any other WordPress user.

For instance, you can change the role of the respective user.

These were the ways in which you can use the “SendOwl Customers List” feature to update/edit the list, profile, and access rights of your existing customers, or add new ones to the list.

If you want to find out more about how the Thrive Apprentice and SendOwl connection works, please look through this Knowledge Base section.

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