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Check out this article to find out how to use the "Post List" element, which includes all the options that you were previously able to set from the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

When you have many posts on your site you can highlight the most recent or most popular posts to the visitor. This can easily be done by the Popular Posts / Recent Posts widgets in Thrive Themes.

In your WordPress admin dashboard go to Appearance, and click on Widgets:

There you will see all of the widgets available. Choose the "Thrive Posts":

After clicking on it you must choose the place you want to insert the widget:

You just added the widget to your main sidebar (in this example).

You can configure the title of the widget (1), the type of the widget (Recent Posts, Popular Posts, Related Posts)(2), the number of posts which will be displayed (3), and a checkbox if you want to display the thumbnails for the posts (4).

After saving it the widget should look similar to this one:

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