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Check out this article to find out how to use the "Sidebar Section" in Thrive Theme Builder.

In the theme options, you can choose the sidebar alignment (left or right) and in the blog layout settings (of most themes), you can choose whether the blog page should appear at full width or next to a sidebar.

But what if you've set up your sidebar to show on posts or pages, but they still appear full width? Where's your sidebar?

The solution can be found when you go to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to "Appearance" -> "Widgets":


This is an example of the available widget areas in a theme. As you can see, there are two sidebar widget areas: "Main Sidebar" and "Pages Sidebar".

Any widgets you add to the main sidebar will appear on your blog, in the single post view, and on archive pages. Any widgets you add to the page's sidebar will appear on pages.

Unless there's at least one widget in a sidebar area, the sidebar will not show on your website.

Since it doesn't make much sense to display a completely empty sidebar, you have to drag at least one widget into the sidebar areas, before a sidebar appears anywhere on your site.

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