Please note that our Legacy Themes have been replaced by new Thrive Theme Builder Themes. While our Legacy Themes are still functional, we are no longer actively developing them. Check out this article to find out how to use the "About the Author" element in Thrive Theme Builder.

By using Thrive Themes, you can choose to show an "About the Author" box at the bottom of your blog posts.

Displaying the Author Box

In order to activate this feature, you need to go to your WordPress dashboard and access the Thrive Dashboard > Theme Options:

The next step is to select the "Blog Settings" option from the sidebar found on the left-hand side of the screen:

In the "Blog Settings" page, look for the "Bottom posts" section, and make sure that the "Display About the Author Box" option is set to "ON":


Notice that next to the question there is a blue icon that indicates a video tutorial. Click on it to get a more detailed walkthrough of the entire process.

The box will show information about whoever is set as the author of an individual post. In other words: this is a feature that works for multi-author sites and always shows information about whoever wrote the post you're currently looking at.

Configuring the Author Box

To configure the content shown in the author box, go to Users > Profile:

The exact configuration of the author box will depend on which theme you are using. In most cases, it consists of several elements you can configure:

1. Biographical Info

The text you enter here will be shown inside the author box below the posts. This text field is HTML enabled so you can use HTML to add links and text decorations if you wish.

2. Profile Picture

The author image, like all avatars in WordPress, is provided via Gravatar. If no image is showing for you, go to the Gravatar website, create an account (it’s free) and associate the image you want to use with the email address you’ve registered for your user profile (you can see which email address this is a bit further up on the “Your Profile” settings page).


If you are experiencing difficulties in displaying the Gravatar image on your website, go on your WordPress admin dashboard > Settings > Discussion. Now look for the "Avatars" section and make sure that the "Show Avatars" checkbox is selected:

If you go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Users > Your Profile you’ll see a section titled “Thrive Author Box Social Settings”:

Here, you can enter the links to your Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Google+ profile. For Facebook and Google+, please enter the full URL of your profile, including the https:// part. For twitter, you can simply enter your username.


The Thrive Author Box Social Settings are available on all of the Thrive Themes, except Minus and Squared.

Editing Other Users

If you are an administrator on your WordPress site, you can also go to “Users” and then “All Users” to see a list of everyone registered on your site.

You can add author box info and social links for all the contributors on your site, the same way you did for your own profile.

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