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Nowadays, one of the most powerful tools of marketing and ways of communication are the social media portals, like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

With Thrive Themes you can set up your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube social share buttons in just a few steps.

Enable social media buttons

First, hover your mouse over the "Thrive Dashboard" from the sidebar of your WordPress admin dashboard. Then, click on the "Theme Options":

In the page that opened, select the "Social Media" options:

Next, enable the social media buttons by setting "ON" for the "Use Thrive Social Buttons":

With this step, you have enabled the social buttons option, but they will not show up until you enable them one by one. For example, to see the LinkedIn button on your page/post you have to set the "LinkedIn Button" option on "ON":

This is how the social share buttons look like using the "Squared" Thrive Theme (the look depends on the theme you use):

Display settings

You can also configure the place where these buttons should appear. You can set up their position to include them in "Posts" and "Pages" using the "Where to display" section:

Furthermore, you can also set up advanced display settings for the buttons. This can be done in the "Display & Advanced" section.

The "Attention Grabber" from here is an element that catches the attention of the visitors and tries to make them click on the buttons. This element can be a "CTA Text" (Call-To-Action text), which is a simple text. Like this:

Here is how this would look like on the front end of the website:

The "Attention Grabber" can also be a "Share Count", which shows how many shares the respective post/page has gotten so far:

Note: Please keep in mind, that in the case of the Facebook button, the "Share Count" will only work properly, if you also have a Facebook API connection set up on your website. This connection between your Facebook and your Thrive account is needed for the share count to display the correct number of shares.

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