Please note that our Legacy Themes have been replaced by new Thrive Theme Builder Themes. While our Legacy Themes are still functional, we are no longer actively developing them. Check out this course to find out how to switch your site to Thrive Theme Builder.

You can also read this article, which explains how to add custom CSS in Thrive Theme Builder.

Sometimes you want to add some custom styling to your theme that is not available as an option. In that case, you can add custom CSS that will overwrite the default styling.

Site-Wide Custom CSS

The first method is to add custom styling that will be applied across your entire site. This is the typical and more common way to add custom styles to a theme:​

1. In the left column of your WordPress Dashboard, click on Thrive Dashboard:

2. In your themes card, click on the "Theme Options" button:

3. In the Theme Options page go to "Style & Layout Settings":

4. You will see a Custom CSS section where you can insert your new styles:

5. Click on "Save All Changes" to apply the new CSS:

Page or Post-Specific Custom CSS

You can also add custom CSS to only one specific page or post:

1. In your WordPress admin interface, open the page or post editor.

2. In the page/post options below the editor, you'll find a "Custom CSS" field, where you can add styles that will only be applied to this specific page or post:​

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