Please note that our Legacy Themes have been replaced by new Thrive Theme Builder Themes. While our Legacy Themes are still functional, we are no longer actively developing them. This article explains why the Thrive Theme Builder themes don't need fixed "Featured Image" sizes.

Storied is a theme optimized for blogging and it looks fantastic with the use of images and other media. It can also be customized to a simple, minimalist site for text-only content.

Here are the recommended image sizes for use in the Storied theme:

  • ​Wide, full width featured image: 1270px

  • Wide featured image with sidebar or narrow layout: 978px

  • Thumbnail featured image: 320px

  • Page section background image: 1270px

  • Site background image: 1920px

  • Author image (author widget, custom image): 120px

  • Author background image: 700px

  • Blog masonry or grid layout: 320px

On a style like you see on the demo site, the recommended image width for (almost) all featured images is 978px.

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