Please note that our Legacy Themes have been replaced by new Thrive Theme Builder Themes. While our Legacy Themes are still functional, we are no longer actively developing them. This article explains why the Thrive Theme Builder themes don't need fixed "Featured Image" sizes.

Voice is a uniquely styled blogging and content marketing theme. All of the usual landing page templates and features are also available, but where the theme really shines is when it is used mainly as a content platform, with landing pages and offer pages to support it.

Recommended image widths to fit the theme dimensions:

  • Wide featured image: 980px

  • Thumbnail featured image: 300px

  • Page section background image: 1100px

  • Page section static background image: 1920px

Voice Notes

Some points about the Voice theme that don't apply to all the other themes:

Static Sidebar/Headerless Design

Unlike most themes, Voice doesn't have a header area. Instead, there's a static section in the sidebar, which contains your logo, author information, and the main navigation.

Below it, there is a widget area where you can add sidebar widgets as usual:


Because space is limited, we recommend that you keep the number of top-level menu items in the main navigation as low as possible.

As a side note: it's generally a good idea to keep the number of navigation items low, to avoid choice paralysis (visitors not making any choice at all, when faced with too many options).

Ideally, there should be no more than 5 top-level menu items. Don't worry if there are or your visitor's screen is very small: the menu automatically collapses into a mobile menu icon if there's not enough screen space for it.

There are four options for the sidebar background:

  1. Default: displays a default background image.

  2. Color: displays a custom color of your choice as the sidebar background.

  3. Image: displays a custom image of your choice as the sidebar background.

  4. Featured Image: dynamically changes the sidebar background image, based on the featured image of the current post or page. With this setting, the featured image is blurred and scaled to match the height of the sidebar. You don't have to worry about images appearing pixelated, thanks to the blurring effect that is applied.

Here's an illustration of the 4 options:

From left to right: Default, Featured Image, Color, Image.

From left to right: Default, Featured Image, Color, Image.

Color Tones

In addition to the usual color styles available for the themes, there are also two different color tones in the Voice options: warm and cool.


Switching between the “warm” (left) and “cool” (right) color tones changes the background, footer, and a few other color elements.

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