Please note that our Legacy Themes have been replaced by new Thrive Theme Builder Themes. While our Legacy Themes are still functional, we are no longer actively developing them. This article explains why the Thrive Theme Builder themes don't need fixed "Featured Image" sizes.

FocusBlog is a multi-purpose theme, which means it can be used for any kind of website. There are a few design choices that make it especially suitable for blogging, as well.

Recommended image widths to fit the theme dimensions:

  • Featured image on a page with sidebar: 730px

  • Featured image on a full width page: 1080px

  • Thumbnail style featured image: 220px

  • Static background page section: 1920px

FocusBlog Notes

A few things worth knowing about this theme, that may not apply to all other themes.

Borderless Embed

Using the "Borderless" shortcode or TCB element for videos and images is especially effective on a theme like FocusBlog, since it has a visible content box.

With the Borderless embed, you can make videos and images reach the very edges of the background box, which looks cool. :)

Top Focus Area

FocusBlog has some very large and bold Focus Area styles that can be shown at the top of posts or pages. Example:


Make use of these, but use them with caution! Adding a Focus Area like this to every page and post could be could end up working against you and drive visitors away or just make them "banner-blind" to the Focus Area. Instead, we recommend you use this Focus Area style selectively.

For example:

  • Show it on your blog page or homepage, but not on individual posts.

  • Show it only on your highest-traffic posts and only if you have an offer that is very closely related to the post topic.

  • Show it sitewide, but only temporarily, e.g. in the week running up to a live webinar or a new product launch.

In short: a big and bold Focus Area like this can pack a real punch, but it can be overkill if used too much.

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