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The Pressive Theme has lots of features and designs that can give your website a pleasant look and also be fairly easy to use by its visitors.

In this article, you will find valuable information about how to properly use these features.

Below you will see two examples on how to use the Pressive Theme's title section content feature thoroughly:

Editing a Newly Created Page/Post

The first thing you have to do is create a new page/post. Once you have created the new page/post, you have to edit it with the WordPress editor and scroll down until you come across the "Thrive Theme Options".

After you've done this, in order to be able to edit the title section, in the "Add Title Section Content" area you have to select the "Show" option:

​Once you have selected that checkbox, the "Title Section Content" appears and you can make whatever changes you please to the title section.

To find out more about how you can edit the title section content check out the information below.

Using a Theme Page Template

The simplest way of encountering Pressive's title section content feature is by using the "Page Templates" element, found on the theme's card in the Thrive Dashboard Area.

You can find out more about how to properly generate a page template by clicking here.

After you have selected the desired template from the list, you should see the newly generated template page having the name of the one you have selected.

For example, I have selected the "Homepage 1" template, therefore, that is the name that shows up in the page list. The only pages from the "Page Template" list that don't have a title section that can be edited are "Privacy Policy" and "Disclaimer".

This is how the title section of the "Homepage 1" template looks:

In order to change the text found on the title section you should go back and edit this page:

Once you have entered the "Edit" section, you can scroll down the page in order to customize your title section:

  1. You can choose how you want the Featured Image to be displayed if you have chosen one;

  2. You can modify the text that appears on the title section;

  3. You can add different Thrive Shortcodes that will be rendered by the theme;

  4. You are also able to change the background image by clicking it and changing the featured image.

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