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The category menu is a drop-down menu that can be applied to the main navigation of a magazine theme. It shows a gallery of recent posts in different categories and (optionally) sub-categories.


To create a category menu, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to "Appearance" -> "Menus":

In the WordPress menu editor, follow these steps:

1) Select Main Menu

Make sure the main (top) navigation menu of your site is selected here. The category menu feature doesn't work for footer menus or secondary menus.

2) Categories

In the menu on the left side, expand the "Categories" section.​

3) Add Categories

From the list, select one or several categories and add them to the menu structure by clicking on the "Add to Menu" button.​ In the menu tree, you can expand further options for one of the categories you just added:​

Check the "Show Post Gallery" option to turn this menu item into a category menu. It will automatically display the latest posts in this category, in the drop-down once this item is checked and the changes are saved.

If you added a parent category that contains sub-categories, you can also check the second box ("Show Sub-categories in Post Gallery"). This will display a list of the sub-categories in the drop-down menu.​


Category menus cannot contain sub-menu items: if you add any sub-menu items to a category menu, it will not display correctly. The category menu options can only be applied to top-level menu items: if you don't see the options, the item you added is either not a category or not at the top-most level in the menu structure.

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