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Sometimes you want to add pages to your website that focus entirely on the offer you want to make, without distracting the user with other elements.

For example, you might want to have a "Thank You Page" on your website, without having to go through the entire customization process. Or, you might want to promote your new product or set up an application page.

For all these, we have pre-built page templates that come with customizable blocks and elements.

You only need to access the template library, select the one that you want, and apply it to your page:

This article from our knowledge base describes in detail how to do that.

How to Access the Pre-built Landing Page Library

After you've found the page on which you want to apply your pre-built template, open it with Thrive Architect.

Here in the editor, click on the "Change Template" gear icon from the right sidebar:

This will take you to this template library, where you have to click on "Pre-built Landing Page":

Note: Keep in mind that if you are applying this template on an already existing page, all your custom content will be lost.

Next, you will have to decide if you want to use a "Legacy Landing Page" or a "Smart Landing Page":

The main difference between these two is the fact that the latter uses smart features, such as color management, global styling, and so on. This article from our knowledge base goes into more detail about what is a "Smart Landing Page" and what are the differences between these two categories.

Regardless of which category you choose, the next step in the process consists of selecting an actual page template that serves the purpose you had in mind.

So, if you are planning to create a "Thank You Page", you can browse the available template sets and look for a "Thank You Page" template:

Whenever you want to return to the library and browse another template set, click on "Back to library":

Feel free to browse as many sets as possible, in order to find the page template you are looking for.

You can find below a list of some pre-built landing page templates that you might load and use:

  • Homepage

  • Lead Generation Page

  • Application Page

  • Thank You Page

  • Confirmation Page

  • Blank

  • Silo

  • Webinar Page

  • Upsell Page

  • Course Launch Page

  • Sales Page

  • Event Page

  • Download Page

  • Video Page

Hopefully, this quick guide about the "Pre-built Landing Page" library was useful to you. Don't hesitate to check out other tutorials of this type available in our knowledge base.

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