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The "Highlight" option can be obtained while editing a "Text" element, and it is better described in this article.

With Thrive, you can add a highlight to your text by using a shortcode.

First, go to your WordPress Editor in the Dashboard.

Click on the Thrive Shortcodes drop-down menu and select "Highlight":

As you click on "Highlight", a new window will pop up with the following shortcode options:

1. Highlight Color

The color of the highlight can be default or custom. If you choose custom, an extra option will appear:​

As you click on "Select color" you will be offered to choose the exact color you want to apply.

2. Font Color

Here you can set how you want the highlighted text to appear: light or dark.

3. Insert​

Click on Insert if you are done with the settings. You will see this in your Editor: ​

Add a text between the two brackets where the red arrow suggests you in the image above. This text will be highlighted. Here is an example, I typed in the word "TEXT":

When you are done, update your post or page and it will be added to your content.

Here is an example of how it will look like using the FocusBlog Theme:

The first one is what you could see as an example earlier.

For the second one, I used a custom color to highlight the text.


Please note that in order to use the Shortcodes as they are described in this article, you have to install the "Classic Editor" plugin. Check out this article to find out more about how to install and use the plugin.

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