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We also have a separate article about the "Fill Counter" element, that might be useful.

You can add an animated fill counter to your content by following these steps. Note: the counter may look differently depending on the theme you are using.

First of all, you need to go to the WordPress editor in your Dashboard. Click on the Thrive Themes shortcode drop-down and select “Fill Counter”:

As you click on it, you will find this window pop up with the following shortcode options:

1. Color

Set the color you want to apply to your “Fill Counter”.

2. Value

​In this field, you can set what you want to appear inside the counter.

3. Unit before and after

​​Here you can add letters, numbers, or signs - whatever you want to appear before or after the set value.

4. Fill percentage

Here you can set how much you want the counter to be filled​

5. ​Label

Set a label for the counter. It is going to appear below the counter.​

​6. Insert

When you are done with all the settings, click on "Insert". The “Fill Counter” will be added to your content.​

Here is an example of how the counter looks like using the FocusBlog Theme:

In this example, the color is set to orange, the value and the fill percentage is 75% and a '%' sign is added as a unit after the value. The label appears below the circle-shaped counter.


Please note that in order to use the Shortcodes as they are described in this article, you have to install the "Classic Editor" plugin. Check out this article to find out more about how to install and use the plugin.

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