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Instead of this shortcode, the "Toggle" element can be used for this type of functionality. Check out this article for more information about it.

An accordion is a group of content sections, one of which is always open. Whenever another section in the group is clicked, it opens and the previously open section automatically closes.

In your WordPress editor, click on the Thrive Themes shortcode menu item and select "Accordion" from the drop-down:


This opens a modal box with further options:


1) Accordion Group Title

The text you enter here will be shown above the entire group of "Accordion" sections. This field is optional.

2) First Section Title

This will be the title of the first "Accordion" section. The visitor will have to click on this title to show or hide the content in the "Accordion" section.

3) First Section Content

You can enter the content that will be revealed in this "Accordion" section here. You can also change or edit this content from within the editor at any time.

4) Open by Default

One of the accordion sections will be open on page load. Out of all the "Accordion" sections you add to the group, you can select one of them to be open by default.

5) Add Accordion Button

Click this button to add a new "Accordion" section. Each section will show a new title field, a new content field, and the "Open by Default" option.

6) Insert Button

Click this button when you are done adding sections and want to add the shortcode to your content.


Please note that in order to use the Shortcodes as they are described in this article, you have to install the "Classic Editor" plugin. Check out this article to find out more about how to install and use the plugin.

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