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A slideshow post is a blog post that contains a slideshow, which opens in a modal box. There are two main purposes of the slideshow:

  1. It's a very attractive content type. Slideshow posts are easy to consume and tend to garner many social shares. They are also fairly easy to create.

  2. It's optimized for ad revenue: each time the slide is forwarded to a new image, the ads refresh giving you more ad impressions, more rotation through your ads, and ultimately more ad clicks.

In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to "Thrive Slideshow" and click on "Add New" to create a new slideshow post:


In the post options, all of the usual fields (title, post content, categories, etc.) apply the same way they do in a regular blog post.

The difference is that below the editor, you'll find the "Build the Slideshow" options:


1) Add a New Slide

Click on this button to add a new slide to the slideshow. Every time you click the button, another slide is added. There is no limit to the number of slides you can add in a slideshow.

2) Remove/Toggle

Use these links to delete individual slides and to collapse/expand the options for individual slides.

3) Title

This is the title for the slide and it will be shown above or below the main image.

4) Image

Click on the "Select Image" button to open the WordPress media manager and add or select the image you want to display. You can also enter the URL to an image directly in the field above.

5) Description

This (optional) description will be shown below the slide. You can have a few words or even multiple paragraphs accompanying each one of the slides.

6) Source URL

Enter the URL to the source of the image in this field. All the links to the image sources are displayed at the end of the slideshow.

7) Source Text

Enter the text you want to use as the anchor text for the image source URL in this field.

The Slideshow Post On Your Site

The slideshow post will appear much like a regular blog post on your site, once you publish it. The difference is that in the post view, instead of a featured image, there will be a large image with a button to open the slideshow.

You should still add a featured image to the post as well, since this is the image that will be used on the homepage content blocks, in post lists, etc.

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