Thrive Magazine Themes come with a built-in ad manager that lets you display highly targeted ads throughout your site's content.


To get started with the ad manager, you will need your ad embed codes ready. These are the ad codes provided to you by the advertising network that you're using (e.g. AdSense)

In your WordPress admin dashboard, click on the "Thrive Ad Group" item in the sidebar:


This will show you a list of all the ad groups you've already created. Each ad group represents one or several ads that are shown in one specific location in your theme.

If there are multiple ads in the ad group, the ads will automatically rotate, so you will be able to see the effectiveness of different ads in your ad network's reporting tools.

Click on "Add New" to create a new ad group:


You can give each ad group you create a custom name. The name is for internal use only and will not be shown on the front end of your site.

In the new ad group, you will find the following options:


1) Choose Ad Location

From this drop-down, you can select where the ads in this group should be displayed. Depending on which location you choose, some of the additional options may vary.

2) Location Options

Here, you'll find more specific ad location options, depending on the choice you made on the first point.

3) Show In

Here, you can choose whether the ads in this ad group will be shown in posts, in pages, or in index views (blog and archive pages).

4) Target By

You can either display ads site-wide (just leave the options blank, to do this) or show them targeted to specific tags or categories. Here, you select whether you want to target by categories or tags. If you want to display the ads site-wide, the choice you make here doesn't matter.

5) Show in Tags/Show in Categories

Start typing the name of categories or tags you want to display the ads in and you'll see an auto-completing drop-down. In this field, you can select one or multiple tags/categories to show the ads in. Leave this field blank to show the ads site-wide.

6) Add New Ads

Here, you'll be able to add new ads to the group. More on this below.

7) Ad Group Status

By default, an ad group is inactive, which means it will not be displayed on your site. Once you've completed your setup, you can set the status to "Active" and publish the ad group to start showing your ads on the site.

You can set an ad group back to "Inactive" any time, to hide the ads again, without having to delete any ads or change any other settings.

Individual Ad Settings

Click on the "Add a New Ad" button to get the following options:


1) Ad Name

Give the ad a custom name. This is for internal use, so you can recognize which ad is which when making changes later.

The more ad groups and ads you will be using, the more important it is to clearly identify ads and groups with names (looking through embed codes for ID's is no fun).

2) Ad Size

Here, you can select the dimensions of your ad. This setting doesn't have any effect on your site, since we can't forcibly resize ads, but it will help distinguish ads from each other and manage them properly if you add the correct dimensions here.

3) Embed Code

Copy the full embed code of your ad and paste it into this field.

4) Mobile Ad

You can choose to display a different ad on small screens. If you wish to do so, set the "Mobile Ad" option to "On". If you set it to "Off", the same ad will show on all screen sizes and because ads are usually not responsive, this can lead to ads that don't fit small screens and look unprofessional.

5) Mobile Ad Size

This setting has the same purpose as the "Ad Size" setting above.

6) Mobile Embed Code

Paste the full embed code of the ad you want to show instead of the original on small screens, in this field.

You can add any embed code here (because we can't actually change the dimensions of ads on the theme side), but we recommend that you use ads that are no wider than 320px (ideally even narrower than this). This is a size that still displays without issues on most screen sizes.

7) Default Mobile Ad

Check this box to always show this ad as the mobile alternative. It will apply to all the ads you add to this group.

8) Status

Set the status to "Active" to begin showing this ad on your site. Individual ads can be hidden by setting them to "Inactive" at any time, without having to delete the embed code.

Ad Targeting Priorities

Just like with Focus Areas, the targeting priorities are that the more specific targeting overrides the more general targeting.

This means that you can create different ad groups for a location that will show in specific categories or tags and you can also have one "general" ad group for the same location, with no targeting.

The general group will only show in posts and pages where no specific targeting is set.

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