Please note that our Legacy Themes have been replaced by new Thrive Theme Builder Themes. While our Legacy Themes are still functional, we are no longer actively developing them. Make sure to take a look at this article, if you want to find out how to manage homepages in Thrive Theme Builder.

The purpose of the homepage layout builder is to provide an easy way to create a homepage that displays a lot of content, without repeating the same posts multiple times. This is why a separate builder is used and not a default page with shortcodes.

The homepage generated in the builder “knows” which posts have already been listed in previous blocks and doesn’t list them a second time (this can’t be done with shortcodes).

​To access the homepage layout builder, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and to the Thrive Dashboard:

In the Thrive Dashboard, you will find your Performag theme card. In order to go to the themes options, click on the Theme Options button of that card:

In the Theme Options, go to the “Homepage Layout” tab to find the following options:

1) Enable Homepage Layout

You can set this switch to “Off” to disable the entire feature and not use this type of layout anywhere on your site.​

2) Select Page

In this drop-down, you’ll find a list of all the pages on your site. The page you select here will display the custom homepage layout instead of the content set for that page.

Typically, you would choose the homepage for this, but it’s up to you if you want to display this layout on a different page.

3) Add New Block

Select the type of content block you want to add to the homepage and click on the “Add” button. The new block will appear at the bottom of the layout manager.

4) Layout Manager

Here, you can see all the content blocks you’ve added, you can change the order by dragging and dropping individual blocks and you can view and change details of individual blocks by clicking on the titles.

5) Save Changes

Click this button to apply all the changes you’ve made in the homepage layout builder to your website.

Content Blocks

There are different types of content blocks you can use to create your layout:

The featured block shows the latest posts from different categories. The featured block is always at the top of the page and there can be only one featured block on the page. You can click on the title to get the one option available for this block: turning it on or off.


The custom posts such as Thrive Slideshows, Thrive Ad Groups or any other custom posts from the WordPress Admin Dashboard are NOT available in the Homepage Layout.

This block can be used to display an ad anywhere in your homepage layout. Add the block to the layout manager and click on the title to expand the options.

Enter a custom name in the “Ad Zone Name” field and save your changes. This block now becomes a location where you can set ads from the ad manager to display.

Category Block

This block displays multiple posts from a specific category. In the “Category” drop-down, you can choose which category or sub-category the posts for this block should be pulled from.

In the “Title” field you can enter a custom title that will be shown above the posts (this is optional).

The category block (as well as all other blocks featuring posts) only shows posts that have not been listed in a block before it (such as the featured block).

Image Block

The image block displays a single post with a large image and large title. The only requirement for a post to be shown in the image block is that it has a featured image.

This block always displays the latest post from the specified category that hasn’t been shown in any previous blocks.

Media Block

The media block displays the latest post with the audio or video post format that hasn’t been displayed in any previous block. It shows the post with a large image and a play button. The media itself won’t play directly in this block, a click on it will link to the post instead.

The more posts block is always at the bottom of the layout and there can be only one block of this type. This block will display a list of recent posts that haven’t been listed in any block before.

You can turn this block on or off and you can choose to load new posts automatically, as the user scrolls down (infinite scrolling) or load new posts on click of a “load more posts” button.

Use all of these different blocks and their options to create the best layout for your site’s homepage.

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