This article is a short guide to how you can add a post template, which you can use for various audio post types.

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The steps in which you can add an Audio Post Template in Thrive Theme Builder will be described below.

1. Access the Templates Section

In order to create a template specifically built for audio posts, you first have to access the "Templates" section of Thrive Theme Builder.

In your WordPress Admin Dashboard, hover over "Thrive Dashboard", and a small sub menu will open, with all of your available products. From that list, click on "Thrive Theme Builder":

Then, from the Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard, access the "Templates" section, from the left sidebar:

2. Create a New Post Template

In the "Templates" section, click on the "Add New" button from the top right side:

This will open the pop-up window where you can set up the template:

3. Choose the "Audio" Post Format

After you provide a name for the new template, and you make sure that "Post" is chosen in the "Choose Content Type" section, click on the field below the "Choose Post Format" section:

From the list of post formats that opens, make sure you choose the "Audio" option:

Then, decide whether you want to start from scratch, or copy the design of an already existing template, and then click on "Finish":

That's it! The "Audio Post" template has now been created and you can start applying it to various audio posts.

Note: Keep in mind that the format of your template here will have to match the format of the posts you will want to apply the template to, later on.

Thus, if you choose the "Post Template" to have the "Audio" format, you will be able to apply this template to the Audio Posts from your website.

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